Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Simon Critchley

(from Wikipedia) Critchley argues that philosophy begins in disappointment, either religious or political. In many ways, these two axes of disappointment organize his published work. Religious disappointment raises the question of meaning and has to deal with the problem of nihilism. Political disappointment provokes the question of justice and raises the need for an ethics.

In this video, he talks about is book, On Humor, which equates the Philosopher to the Stand Up Comedian.

He also just completed a 7 part blog for the Guardian on Heidegger, which is great, but doesn't really explain why "the greatest philosopher in the 20th century" was also a Nazi, which he promised to do in the first installment.

I think it is out of displeasure that most artists make things.
One is not satisfied with the order that the world presents itself in, so you reorder that world, a pattern is formed, recognized and thus communicated.(thx, Adam)

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