Thursday, September 30, 2010


...‘animals are divided into: (a) belonging to the Emperor, (b) embalmed, (c) tame,
(d) sucking pigs, (e) sirens, (f) fabulous, (g) stray dogs, (h) included in
the present classification, (i) frenzied, (j) innumerable, (k) drawn with a
very fine camelhair brush, (1) et cetera, (m) having just broken the water
pitcher, (n) that from a long way off look like flies’. In the wonderment
of this taxonomy, the thing we apprehend in one great leap, the thing
that, by means of the fable, is demonstrated as the exotic charm of another
system of thought, is the limitation of our own, the stark impossibility of
thinking that.
From the Preface to Foucault's "The Order of Things."


From the PDN One Life Photo Contest.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weekly Picture 193

Two Canyons, 2010

Austin Call For Entry

Call for submissions; open to Austin photographers:

L. Nowlin Gallery and Austin Photography Group present “Storytelling”, a group exhibition exploring the narrative; an important element in human connection and communication. Photographers are asked to create a single image that tells a story. Open for interpretation.
Exhibition Dates: January 11 - February 12, 2011
Entry Fee: $15

Photographers may submit up to 5 images in JPG format, 72 dpi, and no larger than 800 pix.
Label files with Name + Title.
Please send submissions via email to
Accepted photographers will be notified November 30, 2010.
Accepted work should be framed by the artist, and only reimbursed if photograph is sold.
Print size can range from 5" x 7" to 12" x 18" (largest side of frame = 26")
Please send entry fee by check or money order payable to: L. Nowlin Gallery 1202-a W. 6th St. Austin, Tx 78703

Deadline: October 30, 2010
Submissions entered after deadline will not be considered. L. Nowlin Gallery and Austin Photography Group have rights to use selected images for marketing purposes. // L.Nowlin Galery

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Interrupted Landscapes

I am excited to have a picture of mine included in this new gallery in Austin.

Weekly Picture 192

Near Death Valley, 2010