Friday, July 17, 2009

Point and Shoot: How the Abu Ghraib Images Redefine Photography (2005)

I remember seeing this image for the first time in the New Yorker. At the time, I got most of my news from the radio and hadn't seen any of the images reported to be coming from soldiers at Abu Ghraib. I just opened the magazine to this image, and I remembered being utterly astounded. I had no language to describe what I was seeing. It was as Barthes famously noted, a truly "traumatic" image. I thought it was some bizarre kind of art image, but too far outside artistic convention. I only realized what it was when I finally read the caption.

Andy Grunberg in 2005 wrote an excellent analysis of these images and I was reminded of it while visiting Doug Rickard's intriguing site, American Suburb X.

Read the article here.

You can also see the slide show from the New Yorker where I copied accompanying image.

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Shannon said...

Just watched Errol Morris' fantastic Standard Operating Procedure last week. The way the timeline of events from images from 3 cameras to recreate the events was amazing. Sort of a documentary about photography.