Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lightroom 1.1 is here

Adobe released its new full version of Lightroom 1.1 on June 26th. Databases now called "Catalogs" are in a more robust form, and folders can be synced more easily between computers. New Develop features like Clarity and expanded Unsharp Mask type controls complete with a masking feature make it pretty interesting. And there is a lot more to recommend it.

The upgrade is free.

I had a bit of difficulty installing it at first. The installation kept failing. And then my 1.0 wouldn't even open. Yikes. I eventually threw out my installed version of LR and removed the icon from my dock, and then it worked perfectly. Upon starting 1.1 you will need to convert your old database (1.1 walks you through this) into the catalog format so you will need to navigate to it or else LR will make a new one by default with no info in it. Just read the dialog boxes carefully upon opening 1.1. It is a good idea before you begin the upgrade to open your 1.0 and back up your database before hand just in case 1.1 cant convert it.

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